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There is NO Wood Fuel Quality Assured (WFQA) suppliers in my area. What do I do?

Check the supplier menu or contact us at for your nearest supplier. Encourage your local biomass fuel suppliers to stock Wood Fuel Quality Assured (WFQA) fuel, to help you purchase a quality assured product.

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Why using wood as a fuel considered better than burning turf or coal?

Burning wood and other biomass as a fuel is classed as carbon neutral; plants and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they are growing, and release the same amount when they burn or decompose naturally on the forest floor. In contrast, fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal, release carbon dioxide which has been locked away for millions of years and increase atmospheric CO2 levels, the main cause of global warming.

Can I use any type of wood to burn in a boiler or stove?

You need to consider the quality of the products available. A common misconception is that you can use un-seasoned logs (generally above 50% moisture content) to burn in your boiler or stove. This is absolutely not recommended as it will be inefficient and may damage your appliance. You should never use treated or painted timber.

How efficient are wood burning stoves and boilers?

Once you have decided upon your system, research the makes and models. Open fires may look nice, but they only operate at around 15-20% efficiency, whereas modern wood-burning stoves will operate at a level of 70-80% efficiency. Wood fuel boilers can work even more efficiently and reach highs of 85-90%.

What is the difference between wood chip and wood pellet?

Wood chips are chopped-up pieces of wood which are fed from a hopper into a wood chip burner. Chips are most suitable for medium to large scale boiler systems e.g. in schools or hospitals.

Wood pellets are usually made from waste sawdust compressed into a small cylindrical shape. They are commonly about 6mm long, and can be used in domestic pellet boilers and pellet stoves as well as on a commercial scale.

The WFQA Quality Guarantee

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