Wood logs must be to less than 25% moisture to be classified as Firewood.

Firewood can be classed as hardwood or softwood and is described by log length, diameter and moisture content.  Available as Kiln dried (<20%) or naturally seasoned (<25%).




Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made of clean, compressed sawdust. They are extremely efficient, easy to use, renewable, and 100% natural.
Wood pellets are easy to store and are used for fully automatic heating in pellet boilers or stoves.

High Calorific Value

Low Ash Content

Low Moisture Content



Woodchip is chipped woody biomass in the form of pieces with a defined particle size mainly used in commercial and industrial heating systems, The moisture content of wood chip varies between 20% and 40% depending on the requirements of the boiler manufacturer.





Why use WFQA certified fuels?

Wood, both in its raw and processed form, can be considered a sustainable fuel. The combustion of wood releases carbon dioxide; this emission is the carbon which the tree has collected and stored over its lifetime. A landscape level approach is needed to assess sustainability. As a forest is felled and partly or wholly used for combustion, the carbon dioxide released from this combustion is recaptured by existing and establishing forests. In turn, the felled forest itself must be re-established, fulfilling its role in recapturing carbon dioxide from other forest energy emissions. It is important that wood fuel is only obtained from sustainable sources, to ensure that carbon is recapture at a landscape level and the circle of emissions and capture remains unbroken. The overall contribution of carbon dioxide to atmospheric is minimal. Although there is quality assured wood fuel readily available on the market, the fuel is being burnt incorrectly, creating unacceptable emissions.
Using biomass for heating will support the growth of indigenous local industry, supporting the rural economy and provide sustainable employment for the future.

The WFQA label provides a simple but reliable way for consumers to purchase quality wood fuels that are accurately described and meet suppliers stated product specifications.

Trust WFQA certified suppliers for reliable, high-quality wood fuels