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Serves Meath, Louth & Dublin

Sherlogs are the only WFQA supplier in Navan, Co Meath.  Our firewood is dried in a carbon free solar drying kiln to below 25%, thus ensuring a clean burning high heat output of fuel.  Firewood logs are sourced from carefully managed local plantations and have full traceability.  We are also members of the North East Forestry Owners Producers Group and are members of the Irish Timber Growers Association.  We deliver firewood with our own vehicle and have a tail-lift ensuring palletised firewood can be delivered direct to the customer’s door.  Our firewood is built and machine net-wrapped on pallets allowing air to access all areas of the pallet.  We also supply firewood and kindling to trade customers in 25 litre or 50 litre bags.  By using locally grown raw material, and local labour force, Sherlogs are supporting the local economy along with lowering our carbon footprint.  In effort to lower our company carbon footprint, our electricity supplier uses 100% renewable energy.

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