Business Support


We are committed to helping nurture this new market, providing wood fuel producers and suppliers with practical support, such as template quality manuals, training on fuel testing, and assistance to enable them to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Business Opportunity

WFQA certification is a valuable point of differentiation in the market and promotes customer confidence in your biomass product.  Featuring the WFQA label on your product, website, leaflets, stationery helps promote your business to the public and specifiers.  The scheme offers numerous events to help promote your business to the public and specifiers.

Quality Assurance


Provides a universally recognized mark of fuel quality and identifies the responsible, conscientious practitioners within this emerging industry.
The WFQA Certification scheme is rigorous, practical and cost effective for your business.

Why become a WFQA Supplier?

WFQA quality certification differentiates you as a responsible, trustworthy fuel producer or supplier. Certification offers many practical commercial benefits.

If you’re a wood fuel producer committed to responsible, sustainable woodland management practices then please contact us to discuss the many benefits that certification under the WFQA scheme can offer you.

WFQA Certification is supported and recognized by the government

The WFQA Quality Guarantee

The WFQA label provides a simple but reliable way for consumers to purchase quality wood fuels that are accurately described and meet suppliers stated product specifications.

Trust WFQA certified suppliers for reliable, high-quality wood fuels