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WFQA is Ireland’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme. Trust WFQA certified suppliers for reliable, high-quality wood fuels.

The Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme is built around the industry agreed standard EN17225

To become a WFQA certified supplier of wood fuel, a supplier needs to apply to the Irish Bioenergy Association to initiate the certification process.




WFQA Scheme Rules

A site audit is conducted to make sure the producer complies with the highest quality standards.
We assess the production process, testing a representative sample of the final wood fuel product at the point of supply and checking adequate controls are in place.
The entire process is checked, from sourcing of timber through to delivery, ensuring the customer receives fuel their appliance can burn.
All tests for particle size, impurities and moisture content are conducted using test equipment that has been specifically designed for this purpose. We test to ISO standard ISO 17225-1:2014


Quality Manual

If you are considering joining the WFQA, we recommend that you put together a Quality manual.
that summarizes you production process.
By doing this, we gain an in-depth understanding of how the production process operates and we can advise upon areas where improvements should be made.

Template Quality Manuals are available for download here and can be modified to reflect your own operation.


The WFQA Quality Assurance Label

The WFQA label provides a simple but reliable way for consumers to purchase quality wood fuels that are accurately described and meet suppliers stated product specifications.

Trust WFQA certified suppliers for reliable, high-quality wood fuels

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