Cotter Bros Firewood is a large Professional firewood producer providing high quality WFQA Certified firewood to the public. We offer 100% quality and transparency with our Public Price List which gives you costs of each of our firewood products – per cubic metre, per Kg and per kW/h so you can compare our prices, quality and value.No wet or “seasoned” firewood covered in green moss.No unspecified sized, half filled bags/loads. No special offers or other silly sales pitches.Just high quality WFQA certified firewood all year round.We offer our products in Bulk Bags,Loose Loads and Nationwide delivered pallets.In addition, all our firewood is cleaned before dispatch so you wont get dust or debris, just perfect firewood that will burn beautifully in your stove, boiler or open fire. For full details and Public Price List visit our Facebook page.

Company address:       Dromtrasna North,

  • Name of contact person: Nick
  • Phone number: Office – 068 32577 / 087 253 8928
  • Website address :
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Always look for the WFQA label

Certificate Number  1.200.014