Clearpower is one of the leading bioenergy companies working across Ireland and the UK.  We specialise in biomass solutions producing heat and electricity from wood chip and wood pellets.
Our mission is to partner with commercial, industrial and government clients to realise material reductions in operating costs and carbon emissions.

Clearpower operates two divisions:

  • Energy Solutions focusing on delivering biomass based energy solutions such as district heating systems, ESCO’s, combined heat and power and biomass boiler installations.
  • Fuel supply, focusing on delivering virgin or recycled wood chip and pellets to your installation.

Clearpower has designed and built, and now operate and maintain over 100 Bioenergy installations, comprising over 50MW of energy. Our clients include government institutions, large public companies, universities, hospitals, hotels and property and infrastructure developers.

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Hot Water and Steam Solutions

District Heating Solutions

Biomass CHP solutions

Fuel Feed Equipment

Wood Fuel Supply Including

  • Virgin Wood chip
  • Clean recycled wood chip
  • Recycled grades B and C wood chip
  • Wood Pellet
  • Heat Logs
  • Hardwood Crate


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Certificate Number 1.200.026

Case Studies


Dromoland Castle is one of Europe’s most exclusive 5 star destinations. It is situated in Co Clare, Ireland. The objective of this project was to convert existing oil boilers to biomass (woodchip) heating and thereby reduce operational costs and dramatically improve emissions whilst providing a strong cost saving for the client.


Heating for the complex is now provided by an 850KW Heizomat boiler system connected to 5 remote boiler houses by more than 1km of underground pre-insulated Logstor piping. The annual energy consumption is over 3m kwh, equating to approximately 800 tonnes of virgin woodchip at 30% moisture content.

The system provides heating to 96 bedrooms, an 18 hole championship golf club, luxury treatment rooms, outdoor covered spa area and a swimming pool and leisure centre.

Clearpower provide wood fuel and maintenance services to the site under a long term contract.


Clearpower are buildling the UK and Ireland’s first biomass combined cooling heating and power system for BSkyB plc in Osterley in West London. The solution will provide cooling, heating and power to the new £250m. BSkyB Harlequin 1 development which will house new studios and offices at the BSkyB complex thereby enabling a 20% reduction in Carbon emissions at the complex.


Clearpower are providing a design and build turnkey solution and are principal contractor on site. The solution comprises a 5.2MW thermal furnace, a 1MW electrical organic rankine cycle generator and 4.1MW of heating of which 2.3MW is converted to cold water and the remainder is used to provide hot water to the complex. There is potential to expand the system in a district heating loop around the campus, for which Clearpower has completed a feasibility study.

The main components of the system are already in place on site, following construction of a 16,000 sqm energy centre by Clearpower. Completion of the facility is expected in Q4 2011 and thereafter Clearpower will provide around 12,000 tonnes of Grade A recycled woodchip to power the plant. Clearpower will also provide operating and maintenance services at the plant.

A crane system will take the biomass fuel into the furnace where it will heat a thermal oil to over 300 degrees. This is turn will heat a silicon organic oil in the generator which will produce electricity and the hot water at 90 degrees as a by product. This hot water is then cycled either directly to the Sky heating system or to chillers which will provide the cooling required for the studios and data centres at the complex.


St Columba’s hospital is a 150 bed hospital located in a scenic site on the outskirts of Thomastown in Co. Kilkenny. The hospital is part of the Health Service Executive network of hospital facilities. The objective of the project was to convert the facility from expensive oil to cheaper cleaner woodchip.



Prior to the project, the complex was heated by 3 oil boilers. These were replaced by a 400KW Kob boiler. An 80m3 silo was also constructed to house the woodchip. The boiler was commissioned in 2007 and payback has already been achieved. Energy is sold to the hospital over a long term contract. The price charged is per kwh of energy that passes through a heat meter. The price covers wood chip and all operating and maintenance services for which Clearpower are responsible. In this way, Clearpower are incentivised to maximise the efficiency of the boiler plant. The woodchip for the project is produced at Clearpower’s nearby wood chip depot and is delivered to the site in approximately 10 tonne loads.

There is an annual saving of over 420 tonnes of CO2 for the hospital from the biomass boiler replacing oil boilers.


Hackett mushroom farm consists of 16 mushroom growing tunnels. The farm produces mushrooms for the UK and Irish multiples. Prior to the biomass installation, the farm was using 2 oil boilers and approximately 140,000 litres of oil per annum. With oil at over 60 pence per litre, the farm’s energy bill was over £80,000 per annum.


Clearpower installed a 300KW Heizomat boiler at Hackett farm. The boiler operates at up to 92% efficiency and is fed by a rotating arm feed system which automatically feeds the wood chip into the boiler system. Over 300 tonnes of recycled woodchip are utilised per annum providing well over a 50% saving versus oil. The boiler has been in operation for less than 3 years and payback has already been achieved. The boiler also reduced carbon emissions by up to 200 tonnes per year.


Kelly’s resort hotel and Spa in Rosslare is one of Ireland’s finest four star resort hotels with 100 bedrooms, a new swimming pool and a sea spa. Prior to the project, the complex was heated by 3 oil boilers.The annual consumptions of energy for the hotel complex is almost 2m. kwh.


Clearpower installed a 300KW Kob biomass boiler in lieu of the oil boilers. The biomass boiler now does over 90% of the heating load of the hotel with only the winter morning peaks provided by oil. The hotel has significant space constraints and so the biomass fuel store was built on the roof of the energy centre! The woodchip is blown up onto the roof through a flexible hose. This proves that biomass solutions can be retrofitted into tight spaces. the facility now uses over 500 tonnes of woodchip per annum which is manufactured in the local area. The system was commissioned in 2006 and has already paid for itself. It has provided savings over oil of up to 60%.